Public Works Permits

Applications for Encroachment Permits or Transportations Permits may be obtained at the Public Works Department.  It is generally necessary for the Public Works Inspector to inspect the site prior to issuing an Encroachment Permit.  For questions or to meet with the Inspector, contact the Public Works Department at 253-4231 or click here to e-mail the Public Works Inspector.

Encroachment Permits

Public Works issues Encroachment Permits, as provided for in the Municipal Code Title 12, Chapter 12.08, for all work done in, or abutting, the right-of-way. No work or overnight parking of equipment is allowed in the right-of-way without an Encroachment Permit. Residents who live on private roads are not exempt, however generally no fees are assessed for those locations.

Residents, or their representative, are responsible for obtaining Encroachment Permits when:
  •     Working in the roadway or right-of-way.
  •     Building new driveways or replacing existing driveways.
  •     Placing dumpsters or debris boxes on property or on the side of roadway.
  •     Requesting street closures for construction or block parties.
  •     Parking construction equipment or a moving truck overnight on the side of the road.
  •     Landscaping or any frontage improvements abutting the right-of-way.
  •     Replacing or repairing water service or sewer laterals.
  •     Installing, replacing, or modifying fencing along the right-of-way.

Transportation Permits

Public Works issues Transportation Permits for transporting oversized loads within the City limits. Residents and others entering the City are responsible for:
  •     Obtaining a Transportation Permit prior to moving wide or heavy loads within the City limits.
  •     Complying with Caltrans standards.