Applications, Forms & Permits

City of Orinda Planning & Building Forms

  1. 17-18 Fiscal Year Fee Schedule
  2. Affidavit of Mailing (PDF)
  3. Appeals Form (PDF)
  4. BART Banner Permit Application (PDF)
  5. Building Permit Application and Waste Management Form 2018 (PDF)
  6. Building Permit Checklist (PDF)
  7. Certificate of Compliance (PDF)
  8. Code Violation (Request to Investigate) Form (PDF)
  9. Commercial Design Review Application (PDF)
  10. Commercial Use Permit Application (PDF)
  11. Conceptual Development Review - Commercial (PDF)
  12. Conceptual Development Review - Residential (PDF)
  13. Construction Hours Site Posting (PDF)
  14. Design Review Application (PDF)
  15. Design Review Application (WILDER ONLY)
  16. Elevated Deck Permit Application (PDF)
  17. Environmental Information Form (PDF)
  18. Exception Permit Application (PDF)
  19. General Planning Application (PDF)
  20. General Use Permit Application (PDF)
  21. Historic Landmark Application (PDF)
  22. Home Occupation Application
  23. Lot Line Adjustment Application (PDF)
  24. Neighborhood Consent Form (PDF)
  25. Outdoor Dining Permit Application (PDF)
  26. RecycleSmart Certified C and D Processing Facilities (PDF)
  27. Residential Development Guide (PDF)
  28. Revocable Encroachment Application
  29. Short-Term Rental Registration Application (PDF)
  30. Short-Term Rental TOT Certificate Application (PDF)
  31. Sign Permit Application (PDF)
  32. Story Pole Information (PDF)
  33. Subdivision Permit Application (PDF)
  34. Take-Out Restaurant Permit Application (PDF)
  35. Temporary Event Permit Application (PDF)
  36. Tree Removal Application (PDF)
  37. Variance Permit Application (PDF)
  38. Waste Management Brochure 2017 (PDF)
  39. Wireless Facilities Permit Application (PDF)