88 Sunnyside Lane Four-Lot Residential Subdivision

The project site is located at 88 Sunnyside Lane on one parcel totaling 24.02 acres in Orinda. The Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) is 266-270-029. The project site is south of Briones Reservoir and north of State Route 24.

The project would subdivide the existing 24.02-acre lot into four parcels and construct three new single-family residences and all associated improvements. Most of the site is undeveloped and vegetated, with one existing residence on the property. One parcel would contain the existing residence, which would not be renovated or demolished as part of this project. Sunnyside Lane would be widened to accommodate fire truck access. Driveways would be constructed to access the three new residences. Utilities would be placed in an existing utility easement, which accesses the site across private property. A total of 8.1 acres of development rights on three of the parcels would be granted to the City.

The parcels would range from 5.32 to 7.44 acres. The new residences’ designs have not been developed, but construction would be limited to development envelopes on each parcel. The project would increase impermeable area on the project site. Stormwater would be treated on-site by routing it through bioretention areas in undeveloped, vegetated areas. Project construction would take place in three phases. Phase 1 would involve utilities, road, and driveway construction and would last approximately 6 months. Phase 2 would involve the construction of the first two residences and would last approximately 1 year. Phase 3 would construct the final residence and would take 1 year.

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