Downtown Streetscape Master Plan RFP

** Please be advised that all available time slots for 45-minute walks have been filled. **

The Orinda Planning Department has been busy gathering input and generating ideas on how downtown might better serve residents and visitors in the years to come. Because the plans and guidelines that govern downtown date from the 1980s, there is a need to re-examine these plans to address 21st century challenges. The Planning Department is updating the Orinda Way Streetscape Master Plan (2000) as a first step in downtown revitalization.

In April of 2018, the Planning Department released a Request for Proposals (RFP) for qualified consultants to provide assistance in a comprehensive update and expansion of the Orinda Way Streetscape Master Plan. The new Downtown Streetscape Master Plan will expand the original plan to encompass both the Village and Crossroads downtown districts as well as the BART pedestrian connection between these districts. This plan is necessary to create vital, vibrant and cohesive pedestrian, bicycle, transit, and shared automobile links throughout downtown.

Please contact Adam Foster at or 925-253-4238 for additional information about the Downtown Streetscape Master Plan.