El Toyonal and Loma Vista Drive

Program Details: 

 Regulation and Enforcement:

1. No Stopping/Parking during Red Flag Warning events (see affected area below)

2. Note: Parking within 5 feet from the edge of the City paved roadway will be prohibited

3. Parking Enforcement will issue warnings for the first 3 Red Flag Warning events each year

4. Citations will be issued after the warning period

5. 5 minutes of active loading and unloading will be allowed

6. Red Flag Alert signs will be flipped (by City Staff) on Red Flag Days to indicate parking restrictions apply


Resident Notification:

A. NextDoor notification will be posted by Staff at the beginning of each fire season

B. Red Flag Waring Alert signs will be posted at specific locations (See Map).

C. New Alert signs and parking restriction signs are expected to be posted soon.

 Updated Map El Toyonal

  1. Kevin McCourt

    Assistant Engineer